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Decarbonisation poses a major challenge for industry. High pressures and temperatures, as well as maximum performance and availability, are all necessary for industrial production processes, with activity taking place within complex systems and under massive cost pressure.

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services developed its own technologies for CO2-free solutions that generate green process heat and green electricity. At the core of this solution is the revolutionary Green Heat Module. High-performance electric heaters convert green electricity into high-temperature heat of up to 1000 °C. This heat is then stored in the high-temperature thermal storage system and fed into the industrial process as required. This represents the smart coupling of (renewable) electricity and heat with robust and patented components to ensure maximum availability, long service life, and environmental performance.

The Green Heat Module (GHM) has a modular design which allows it to carry out your decarbonisation process overnight or in several steps – a true innovation in CO2 reduction that will aid in preserving your competitive edge.

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