Our systems save lives. You can count on our competence and experience in this field! We engineer, supply, install and maintain fire alarm and fire fighting systems for all types of commercial buildings.

They have to work in case of emergency: Systems for early fire detection and active fire fighting. Because fire is among the greatest threats to people, the environment and property. The quicker a fire is detected and fought, the smaller its consequences will be.

Systematically linking fire protection systems, early fire detection systems, fire alarms and stationary fire fighting systems provides optimal protection for people, buildings and property. Professionals are needed to make that work – Kraftanlagen Energies & Services experts engineer and build complete fire detection and fire fighting systems for you.

Our services

We have the required permits for the engineering, construction and maintenance of

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Spray-water fire fighting systems
  • Foam mixing in water extinguishing systems
  • Water-fine spray extinguishing systems
  • Foam extinguishing system
  • Gas fire fighting systems
  • All types of hydrant systems

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