Jakob Ebling GmbH

Successful combination of tradition and future

Since 1945, the range of functions of Jakob Ebling GmbH has expanded continuously. Founded as a company of plumbers and installers, it expanded into the fields of heating and refrigeration technology as well as ventilation and control technology. At the same time, a customer service was developed for the supplied systems.

The portfolio of Jakob Ebling GmbH today includes all aspects of sanitary, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, measurement and control technology. From the start, our customers valued our flexibility, mobility and technical skills as well as the high quality and careful execution of all work. With our nearly 60 employees and apprentices, we are offering comprehensive solutions for your projects. Are you a customer representing the public or industrial sector, a general contractor in construction, a housing association or a private household? We are always there for you.

Sanitary technology
We implement sanitary technology related plants in all sizes whether for your company or the private sector. You will get plant technology that is optimally tailored to your requirements while taking into account all applicable environmental regulations.

Heating technology
In the field of heating technology, we are offering complete heat generation plant construction in all sizes. That guarantees optimal temperatures throughout the entire building. Whether with oil, gas, solar energy, solid fuels or even with the water of hot or underground sources: We will implement the perfect solution for your project. Energy-efficient, reliable and environment-preserving.

Ventilation technology
Whether it concerns exhaust air, fire protection or air conditioning, when it comes to ventilation technology, we implement the optimal solution for any building, requirement and task. A carefully controlled construction site management reduces unforeseen eventualities to a minimum and ensures that processes are handled smoothly and on time during the entire project phase.

Refrigeration technology
From the food service industry, laboratory facilities and the chemical industry to large computer centres, the required refrigeration is essential. We always offer custom plants and in particular implement innovative design. Regardless of whether you want to keep food fresh or mainframe computers operational.

Instrumentation and control technology
Manometers, thermometers, sensors or transducers: I&C technology and utility service systems are components that are essential in the long-term economic and smooth operation of plants and buildings. No matter which system you are using, we support you from installation to commissioning and maintenance.

Equipped with all relevant qualifications and permits, we are offering tailor-made solutions in the business area Building Technology of the Kraftanlagen Group.

Jakob Ebling GmbH

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