Our turn-key solutions for the energy system of the future: Hydrogen from renewable energy as a green raw material for the industrial sector, as a CO2-free fuel for mobility and as chemical energy storage for a flexible energy system.

The complete decarbonisation of the industrial, mobility and heating sectors can only be achieved by using renewable energy from the power sector. Power-to-Gas (P2G) not only permits the infinite storage of renewable electricity but also allows green gas to replace fossil energy sources across various sectors by transforming it into a chemical energy source. 

The key component of any P2G solution is the electrolysis of water, during which electric energy is used to split a water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. This hydrogen can either be used directly in its pure form or by adding CO2 and transforming it into hydrocarbons (synthetic fuels). It therefore also plays a key role in the energy transition as a raw material in today’s chemical industry, in refineries as well as in the production of steel, and as a future energy source for mobility applications and heat generation.

Across many sectors, P2G replaces fossil energy sources with green gas.

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services aims to advance the energy transition and specialises in the design of hydrogen systems with alkaline or PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyzers. To achieve this goal, we are working with leading electrolysis technology manufacturers, e.g. NEL Hydrogen. 

We offer a custom solution – from the support for your initial idea to the implementation and system check out of your hydrogen system. Kraftanlagen customers trust and rely on the many years of experience we have amassed from nearly 100 hydrogen projects. You will benefit from our company’s decades of experience in the construction of power plants and industrial plants, as well as our highly qualified employees, as we support you in your forward-looking endeavour.

Our services as general contractor, planner or when completing partial lots

  • Feasibility, concept studies and business case concepts
  • Pre-planning, draft and approval engineering 
  • Detailed planning and design
  • Detailed engineering, procurement of all components
  • Installation, construction site management and system check out
  • Optimisation of operations and plant operation support
  • Custom maintenance and upkeep

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