Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate and social responsibility toward our employees, our customers and our society is our highest top priority and guides all of our actions. That is why health and safety, sustainability and social commitment are key components of our corporate strategy and the success of our company.

We build lasting and effective relationships with our customers and partners that are based on trust and respect.

Our actions are shaped by a spirit of entrepreneurship, a sense of innovation, the use of new technologies, and the ability to seize opportunities to continue our success story.
We face changing market requirements flexibly, boldly and judiciously.

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Our corporate culture is characterised by responsibility, dedication and flexibility. We offer our employees the freedom and the support they need to keep developing, to refine their talents and continue expanding their know-how.

In our declaration on the German Sustainability Code, we report on our actions with regard to sustainability according to the “comply-or-explain” principle on 20 criteria and the associated aspects and performance indicators. The German Sustainability Code “DNK” supports the development of a sustainability strategy and provides an introduction to sustainability reporting. Regular reporting makes the company’s development over time visible. To comply with the DNK, users create a declaration in the database on tw enty DNK criteria and the supplementary non-financial performance indicators.

In addition, we have ourselves assessed annually via the Ecovadis Sustainability Platform. Ecovadis is an internationally active agency for sustainability ratings.

Workplace safety and health

Our most important corporate objective is to ensure that our employees, subcontractors and customers stay healthy and are able to return to their loved ones at the end of the day.

That is why our motto is:

We love life and we protect it.

The following measures help us to accomplish this goal each and every day:

Regular training and raising the awareness of all employees

Both our colleagues working on construction sites and in the office are educated and trained on important safety measures and health issues on a regular basis.
Regular safety walks and team briefings are conducted on construction sites.

Once a year, on our Kraftanlagen Safety Day, we educate our employees at our different branches and construction sites about special health and safety topics. In addition, you can participate in different events on that day, such as getting a flu shot, nutrition advice or classes on how to protect your back.

Provision of top-quality PPE and safe work equipment

We ensure that our employees have the proper work clothing and safe work equipment in order to perform their work safely and without accidents. Our golden rules form the basis for safe work and apply to all employees, temporary workers, contractors, subcontractors and partners.

Rigorous accident analysis

If there is an event, we want to learn from our mistakes. Our experts from the occupational safety department analyse and process any accident on site with the affected persons.

Behaviour-based safety

We believe our workplace safety awareness will be increased even further by introducing the concept of behaviour-based safety. This targeted measure will improve the safety awareness and safety-oriented behaviour of all employees. Because we know: The first step to workplace safety is that everybody involved is aware of its importance.

Our climate strategy until 2030:


less greenhouse gas emissions

Environmental protection and sustainability

Our goal is to actively shape the energy transition and climate protection efforts with flexible, innovative and energy-efficient solutions. We always keep the entire life cycle of plants in mind and champion the responsible and environmentally sound use of all natural resources.

We are committed to the decarbonisation of our society. Since January 2021, we have been pursuing an ambitious climate strategy together with our parent company Bouygues Construction to reduce our carbon footprint across the entire value chain. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30 per cent by 2030.

We also see an opportunity to engage in ecologically sustainable business practices through the promotion of digitalisation and fostering innovation.

Social commitment

We take great pride in our involvement (and that of our employees) in regional social and cultural projects as well as athletic events, such as the NCT Run Against Cancer in Heidelberg.

A city becomes colorful and becomes a canvas of creativity and unity

As a main partner, we support the Artown Festival. 120 artists from 5 continents came together to redesign the Romanian city of Ploiești. 🖌🎊


The Kraftanlagen Group uses standardised and established processes − our actions are guided by a consistent quality management and transparency. Our qualifications are checked and confirmed on a regular basis.

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