IA Tech GmbH

We provide strategic advice on energy planning, project ideas, concepts and evaluations. Using innovative energy transition technologies, we develop optimised plant systems at greenfield sites or in complex existing plants.

Both nationally and internationally, we provide cooperative advice to energy providers, the industrial sector, energy technology suppliers, governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as the finance sector. Our customers are united by their desire to implement energy projects in a manner that is sustainable and adds value. They want to use new processes, technologies or advanced products and/or pursue innovative business models.

The IA Tech team speaks six languages and, in addition to Germany, is actively involved in restructuring the global energy system in Northern Africa, the Middle East, South America and China.

The new renewables are shaping energy policy internationally. Spurred by climate protection targets, technological developments and competition-based incentive mechanisms, their expansion continues. IA Tech provides advice on, evaluates, develops and plans projects that invest in energy-systems that supply power, heat and mobility or in product developments derived from such projects.

This includes evaluations of energy projects as part of the due diligence for mergers & acquisitions, energy management in industrial companies, studies and product development as well as engineering to the point of approval and the acquisition of plants.

Equipped with all relevant qualifications and permits, we are offering tailor-made consulting for utilities and industry in the business segment Energy of the Kraftanlagen Group.

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