The economic success and the future of the Kraftanlagen Group do not just depend on outstanding, innovative technical solutions but also on our customers and business partners trusting us to play by the rules.

Our commercial activities are based on strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This standard not only applies to our employees but our business partners as well. The violation of laws, rules or our values will result in the appropriate consequences and sanctions.

We aim to responsibly handle the economic and energy-related challenges of the future and to jointly expand our successful market position. We can only sustainably accomplish this goal by acting impeccably at all times and complying with all laws.

As a part of the Bouygues Group, our goal is to guarantee that compliance and ethical behaviour are part of the responsibilities of all parties involved.

For more information, please see our Code of Conduct as well as the Compliance Declaration for our Business Partners.

Christof Riebel, LL.M. Compliance
Head of Compliance

Ridlerstrasse 31c
80339 Munich