Our Vision:
We are taking action
and build clean energy systems.
For a ShaRED Future.
In A World Worth Living in.


Our mission:
From a balance of experience, enthusiasm and competence, we create a social contribution to the decarbonisation of electricity, heat and materials with a high degree of creative freedom.

We are passionate about advising our customers and providing them with intelligent and fully integrated overall solutions in plant construction and service from a single source.
If necessary, we provide support in obtaining financing.

We work in a strength-oriented, flexible and creative manner with a high degree of personal responsibility.In doing so, we are inspired by appreciative cooperation:In our teams, with our customers, with our partners.

We know your highly challenging market environment well

The challenge:

  1. Ensuring the supply of electricity and process heat despite natural gas and CO2 price increases or potential shutdowns
  2. Removing CO2 from products

As a general contractor, we offer concrete advice, technical solutions and commercial services based on our acquired know-how of almost 100 years in the field of industrial energy plant construction.

You decide on your preferred solution, which is a combination of proven and innovative plant technology and services. We take care of the rest: from 1MW – 300MW; regardless of the technical or financial environment.

Our approach to new industrial plant systems 4E + H:
Efficiency optimisation as the basis,,
• Using renewable energies,
• Expanding and stabilising electrical grids,,
• demand-based electrification with storage in process heat technology.
• Hydrogen (H2-) based generation and utilisation solutions

We already have successful and up-to-date references on an industrial scale in all areas of 4E + H.

New +++ New +++ New

With the Green Heat Module, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services offers an innovative technology for decarbonising process heat.

Watch our interview with Johannes Schrüfer, Lead of Green Tech Development & Special Projects at Kraftanlagen, to find out more about green heat.