Produce flexible heat free of CO2 that meets your needs! Kraftanlagen Energies & Services offers green solutions for the generation of heat and steam, regardless of whether it is used for the utilisation of excess power, as a district heating supply or as a backup for the heating process.

Thanks to the expansion of renewable energies and the shutdown of conventional thermal power plants, the frequency of having high volumes of excess power in the electrical grids is increasing. These can be counterbalanced by power-to-heat (P2H) technology and the conversion to green heat. The term “heat transition” is becoming increasingly important because, due to the shutdowns, large amounts of heat and steam, which used to be produced as waste heat by power plants, are no longer being generated. 

By using electrode boilers, renewable electric energy can quickly and efficiently be converted into large quantities of heat and steam. The electrode boiler is connected via a medium voltage connection and, using dipped electrodes, a controlled water level and the applied voltage, the heat can be generated compactly as needed.

The benefits of the technology

  • No emissions → No Emission Control Act approval required
  • Compact design
  • Extremely high efficiency > 99%
  • Large load ranges from 2 to 100%
  • High load gradient of up to 50%/min
  • Little maintenance and upkeep
  • Short implementation time

Wide range of uses for power-to-heat

We advise our customers and offer them a wide range of P2H solutions specifically tailored to their needs: Backup-boiler, heat procurement optimisation, switching on instead of curtailing capacities, mains frequency control, safeguarding full load hours, CO2-neutral heat generation and heat-led peak shaving.

With Kraftanlagen Energies & Services as the general contractor and energy and power plant technology expert, as well as PARAT, the global market leader in the field of electrode boilers, you will get a turn-key P2H plant that is designed to meet your needs.

Our services

  • Feasibility, implementation and business case concepts
  • Authority engineering and invitation to tender
  • Detailed engineering, design and simulation
  • Procurement of all components
  • Project management
  • Installation, construction site management and commissioning
  • Optimisation of operations and plant operation support
  • Custom maintenance and upkeep

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