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With the Green Heat Module, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services offers an innovative technology for decarbonising process heat.

Watch our interview with Johannes Schrüfer, Lead of Green Tech Development & Special Projects at Kraftanlagen, to find out more about green heat.

Decarbonisation is a significant challenge for the industrial sector: high temperatures, high pressures, the most demanding power and availability requirements – and all of that in complex existing plants under enormous cost pressure.

Green Heat Module – our revolutionary technology for your decarbonisation process! 

Since 2006, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services has been developing its own technologies for CO2-free solutions to generate green process heat and power. At the heart of this solution sits our revolutionary Green Heat Module: Green power is converted into high-temperature heat (up to 1000°C) in electrical high-performance heaters, thermally stored in high-temperature storage units and then supplied to industrial processes as needed. This is an intelligent linking of the power and heating sectors with robust, patented components boasting optimal availability, service lives and environment-friendliness.  

As a result, the federal government and the European Union are funding the use of such systems to raise energy efficiency and to meet the goals of the EU Green Deal! 

The Green Heat Module (GHM) has a modular design which allows it to carry out your decarbonisation process overnight or in several steps.

A true innovation in CO2 reduction that will aid in preserving your competitive edge:

  • Step-by-step CO2 reduction of thermal load cases up to 100%
  • Variable storage (optimised for electricity markets and renewable energy plants) as well as time-shifted and needs-based withdrawal – and all freely configurable
  • Extremely high flexibility
    • Can be used at temperatures of up to 1000°C and pressures of up to 350 bar
    • Suitable for all standard heat exchanger media
    • Flexible process design of the input rate, storage capacity and withdrawal rate
  • Extremely high storage densities on a scale of mega and gigawatt hours (GWh)
  • Extremely high availability due to significant use of standard components
  • Extremely high overall efficiency
  • The robust storage material has been used in industrial applications for more than 30 years
  • No emissions → No Emission Control Act approval required
  • Little maintenance and upkeep
  • Short implementation time

We will help you with a complete solution from technology, engineering and construction and support you throughout operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all from a single source.  

We will tailor our solution to your individual needs – from the initial idea right through to its financing and operation.

Our services include

  • Business case concepts & feasibility reviews
  • Support during the procurement of financing and funding
  • Authority engineering
  • Tenders or general contractor services
  • Detailed engineering, design and simulation
  • Procurement of all components
  • Project management
  • Installation, construction site management and commissioning
  • Optimisation of operations and plant operation support
  • Custom maintenance and upkeep

Johannes Schrüfer

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Phone: +49 89 6237-105