Our brands

ECM provides engineering services in the areas of environmental technology, energy and power plant technology and both chemical and petrochemical plant construction. Our engineers, technicians and product managers develop solutions from the calculation of individual components to the design of complete plants.

As a Romanian Engineering and Design Company, we have established a worldwide reputation for quality engineering, design, calculation, procurement, project management and construction management services for oil and gas, refining and chemical plants, pipelines, automation and control and other related industries.

We provide strategic consulting services in the areas of energy planning, project ideas, designs and evaluations. Using innovative energy transition technologies, we develop optimised plant systems at greenfield sites or in complex existing plants.

H & R Industrierohrbau GmbH is an industrial services provider specialising in the maintenance and construction of pipelines in production plants.

The portfolio of Jakob Ebling GmbH now includes all facets of sanitary, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, instrumentation and control technology. From the start, our customers valued our flexibility, mobility and technical skills as well as the high quality and careful execution of all work.