Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH parted company with its subsidiary FINOW Rohrsysteme GmbH on 1 August 2022. The buyer and new shareholder Technoenergy AG, based in Switzerland, is interested in a long-term investment, and the general conditions mean good prospects for the future for all parties involved.

The purchase supports the strategic expansion of Technoenergy AG core businesses in order to provide a wider range of competitive solutions to end-users and EPC companies all over the world while guaranteeing further investments and development of FINOW’s operations.

The range of services offered by Technoenergy AG subsidiary companies includes the procurement, production and prefabrication of piping systems for power plants, for the petrochemical industry and for the oil and gas industry. In addition to manufacturing comparable to FINOW, the company also has extensive engineering capabilities.

Kraftanlagen CEO Alfons Weber: “FINOW has been part of the Kraftanlagen Group since 2007 and has stood for our Fabrication business unit ever since. We look back with pride on what we have achieved together in numerous projects and are convinced that with this new development we have found a sustainable solution for all concerned. We wish the company and its staff all the best for the future.”

* Until the launch of an independent website on 1 December 2022, you will continue to find the contents of FINOW Rohrsysteme GmbH here.

Bouygues has today completed the acquisition of Equans, which represents an important milestone in its development.

For more information, please see the attached press release.

  • Green power replaces natural gas and coal in process heat generation (high-pressure steam, thermal oil, hot air) with the use of the power-to-heat storage Green Heat Module
  • Together with the Solar Institute Jülich and industrial partners, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services has for the first time researched, developed and demonstrated an experimental plant operating at 1000 degrees Celsius in the multiTESS project
  • Focus on CO2-free and base-load-capable heat and power supply from regional sources

Green Heat Module

The reliable and CO2-free supply of heat and electricity from regional renewable energy sources is a complex problem in industry. Kraftanlagen Energies & Services solves it as a general contractor with its new Green Heat Module (GHM) product. In order to decarbonise an even greater number of industrial processes, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services, together with the Solar Institute Jülich of Aachen University of Applied Sciences (SIJ) and consortium partners Otto Junker and Dürr Systems, developed a so-called power-to-heat storage system in the multiTESS project, which operates at a temperature level of 1000 degrees Celsius. This allows energy to be stored in the form of high-temperature heat (“loaded”) and this heat to be converted back into electricity when needed (“unloaded”). In addition, external heat sources – such as waste heat from industrial processes – can also be included. It is also conceivable to use the stored heat not only to produce electricity, but also to feed it into public district heating networks or to provide process heat for (heavy) industry. To make this possible, the test facility has now been opened in Jülich.

At the opening ceremony, Oliver Krischer, Minister for the Environment and Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, said that the multiTESS technology could become a model for many residential areas as well as commercial and industrial zones. The energy supply of the future must be based on renewable energies. Jeanette Lemmes (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action) affirmed that the common goal must be to ensure security of supply, prosperity and climate protection.

Photo: Marcel Kusch

The centrepiece of the plant in the Jülich Brainergy Park is a six-metre-high chimney extension painted bright blue. Inside are several layers of ceramic honeycomb bricks that have vertical ventilation channels. Air flows through these stones – when they are loaded, 1000-degree hot air is introduced from above, which releases its energy to the stones on its way down. When unloading, cooler air is introduced from below and flows upwards, absorbing the heat energy. The actual building houses the electric heating system, which heats the air to up to 1000 degrees, and turbines to generate electricity.

CO2-free base load supply

The temperature range above heat pumps – i.e. between 150 and 1000 degrees – has so far posed a major technical and economic problem for CO2-free base load supply. It is precisely this problem that is being successfully addressed for the first time at 1000 degrees in the multiTESS project. This is also the first time that an electric high-performance heater is used in conjunction with a high-temperature storage tank and heat utilisation as a complete system at a nominal temperature of 1000 degrees. The process couples the electricity sector with the heat sector. In doing so, the power-to-heat storage system enables the use of cheap but volatile renewable energies for a compellingly demand-controlled industrial heat and coupled power supply. Due to the very high efficiency, multiTESS systems can make a relevant contribution to supply security and decarbonisation in connection with renewable energies.

Due to the use of existing standard components that have been used industrially for decades, multiTESS systems can already be used in industry today at lower temperatures of around 750 degrees, for example, for a CO2-free process heat supply. With parallel integration to existing heat generators, storage capacities of about 1 GWhth and thermal discharge capacities of 1 to 200 MWth can already be realised at these lower temperatures. In the future, the processes will also be operated at higher temperatures.

Industry and science worked hand in hand in the planning and construction of the plant. The high-temperature heating system was designed and built by Otto Junker GmbH, Dürr Systems AG built the ceramic heat storage system and an ORC plant, and Kraftanlagen Energies und Services GmbH was responsible for the overall planning.

Alfons Weber (CEO Kraftanlagen Energies & Services) sums up: “We are facing a historic turning point in industrial heat supply: Increasingly, power generation from renewable energy sources is cheaper than fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Our Green Heat Module product takes advantage of this game change. It produces and stores process heat in a way that serves the grid, namely whenever renewables are available at a favourable price, thus enabling a CO2– and emission-free base load supply. The GHM shows a high potential for reducing fossil fuels, and thus reducing import dependencies and climate-damaging emissions, because it is available now and scalable for storage capacities of gigawatt hours.”

At the symbolic opening of the multiTess plant in Jülich: (from left) Markus Dertinger (Global Customer Director DÜRR Gmbh), Alfons Weber (CEO Kraftanlagen Energies & Services), Rainer Kiechl (CFO Otto Junker GmbH), Jeannette Lemmes (Advisor at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action), Oliver Krischer (Minister for the Environment and Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia), Prof. Dr.- Ing. Ulf Herrmann (Head of the Solar Institute Jülich), Prof. Dr. Thomas Ritz (Prorector for Research, Innovation and Transfer at the FH Aachen), Ulf Kamburg (Managing Director of Stadtwerke Jülich) (Photo: FH Aachen/Arnd Gottschalk)
Schematic of a Green Heat Module (Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH)
  • Kraftanlagen Energies & Services is general contractor for the 5 MW hydrogen production plant
  • Planned completion of the largest plant in the Munich metropolitan region in the 2nd half of 2023
  • Green hydrogen to be used for regional public transport

Groundbreaking ceremony for a key project of the energy transition

Hy2B Wasserstoff GmbH, the operating company for green hydrogen production in the HyBayern HyPerformer model region funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV), yesterday has given the go-ahead for the construction of the buildings and outdoor facilities for the first five-megawatt electrolyser in the Munich Metropolitan Region on the site of the future hydrogen centre in Pfeffenhausen in the presence of Minister President Markus Söder, Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger and representatives of the BMDV. Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH has been commissioned as the general contractor for the construction of the plant, including the electrolyser, compressor and filling station, the electrical supply and the necessary ancillary facilities.

Rapid promotion of green mobility

The assembly of the electrolyser and the plant technology is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2023. The start of commissioning is planned for the second quarter of 2023 and commercial operation is to begin in the second half of 2023. From then on, 440 tonnes of green hydrogen will be produced annually in Pfeffenhausen and, after expansion to maximum capacity, up to 1000 tonnes for the regional bus services of the Munich Transport Association, the neighbouring Hydrogen Centre, existing and new hydrogen filling stations in the Munich metropolitan region and other customers in Bavaria. With its local green hydrogen production, the large-scale electrolyser makes a contribution to energy security, the accelerated expansion of regional renewable power generation and the achievement of climate targets in equal measure.

Alfons Weber, CEO Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH, says: “We are delighted that the groundbreaking ceremony marks the start of the practical implementation of this Bavarian project of the future and that we can now contribute our hydrogen expertise here as general contractor for the power-to-gas plant. With this project, we are setting a milestone towards a sustainable energy transition together with our customer Hy2B. It is important that large-scale hydrogen projects get off the ground in concrete terms now, because hydrogen is the medium that can be produced and stored with renewable energies.”

Proven electrolysis technology

Kraftanlagen, together with Hy2B Hydrogen, selected an alkaline electrolyser from NEL for the plant in Pfeffenhausen. With the Norwegian manufacturer NEL, Kraftanlagen has thus entrusted a long-standing partner with the key component of the hydrogen production plant. The plant concept, pipeline planning, installation, process engineering and commissioning are the responsibility of Kraftanlagen’s P2G Group.

Groundbreaking ceremony on 15 September 2022 with Bavarian Minister-President Dr Markus Söder (6th from left) and Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy Hubert Aiwanger (5th from left). (Image: Hy2B Wasserstoff GmbH)

The Bouygues SA group of companies, headquartered in Paris, is one of the most important French listed groups and one of the largest construction companies in the world.

Together with its subsidiary, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH, further investments are also being made at the Burghausen/Haiming site. An ultra-modern and energy-efficient building is currently being constructed there with the aim of creating more qualified jobs and combining engineering, fabrication and assembly under one roof in the future.

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH plays a key role in the transformation of the chemical industry in the ChemDelta Bavaria. Olivier Roussat, CEO of the Bouygues Group, was able to see this for himself for the first time. He was accompanied by Pascal Minault, CEO of Bouygues Construction, Pierre Vanstoflegatte, CEO of Bouygues Energies & Services, and Stéphane Stoll, Director Energy & Industry DE of Bouygues Energies & Services.

On this topic, an intensive management exchange took place in Burghausen on 30 August 2022 with Dr. Peter von Zumbusch, Senior Vice President and Site Manager of WACKER Chemie AG, one of the Industry Business Unit’s longest-standing customers and strategic partners.

The common challenge of reconciling economy, ecology and social responsibility creates room for new synergies and joint projects. Both companies are partners in the H2 Reallabor Burghausen research project, which aims to become the nucleus of Bavaria’s hydrogen economy in industry.

Bouygues’ top management visiting WACKER at the Burghausen plant, plant manager Dr. Peter von Zumbusch (6th from left).

  • Implementation project commissioned for 5 MW hydrogen generation plant
  • Planned completion in Pfeffenhausen in second half of 2023
  • Green hydrogen to be used for regional public transport

Power-to-gas solution underpins sustainable energy transition

As the operating company tasked with green hydrogen generation for the HyPerformer model region HyBayern, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV), Hy2B Wasserstoff GmbH has appointed Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH as the general contractor for the construction of a 5 MW hydrogen generation plant encompassing an electrolyser, compression and filling station, electricity supply system and the requisite auxiliary facilities.

Rapid delivery of green mobility

Construction of the hydrogen plant is due to start in Autumn 2022, promptly followed by the installation of the electrolyser and system technology. Commissioning is planned for the second quarter of 2023, with commercial operations scheduled to start in the second half of the year. Using regional green electricity, the electrolyser is anticipated to produce an average of 1,200 kilograms of green hydrogen per day, compress the gas to up to 450 bar and pump it to a filling station and into a hydrogen trailer with a capacity of 1,250 kg. The green hydrogen will be delivered to two bus and truck filling stations in the districts of Munich and Ebersberg, which in turn will supply the regional transport hydrogen fuel cell buses.

In the words of Alfons Weber, CEO of Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH: “We are delighted that as the general contractor for the power-to-gas facility, we now also have the opportunity to bring the hydrogen know-how we have developed over the years into this Bavarian future-oriented project. Together with our client Hy2B, we are creating with this project a watershed in terms of sustainable energy transition. It is important that we start constructing P2G plants now in order to achieve the ambitious target of 10 GW by 2030 set by the Federal Government.”

Tried and tested electrolysis technology

Kraftanlagen has commissioned a longstanding partner, Norwegian manufacturer NEL, to produce key components of the alkaline electrolyser. The plant concept, pipeline planning, installation layout, process technology and commissioning will fall within the remit of Kraftanlagen’s P2G group. Michael Klamt, head of P2G and project manager at Kraftanlagen Energies & Services, explains: “As the general contractor, we have an overview of the entire project value chain from planning to implementation. In addition to the technical solution, the ambitious schedule is also particularly challenging given that with this project we want to be amongst the first.”

Model of the Pfeffenhausen hydrogen electrolyser and filling plant, with six filling points for compressed gas trailers. (Image: Hy2B Wasserstoff GmbH)
  • Leading international EPC contractor of large-scale PV solar installations and established provider of integrated system solutions in industry join forces on German market.
  • Bouygues Energies & Services from France and German Kraftanlagen Energies & Services are offering innovative solutions for the energy transition.

Faster decarbonisation for industry

The two entities are joining forces to develop and offer turnkey solutions based on PV solar energy production to the German market. This collaboration will present new possibilities to the players in the energy transition and will quickly enable industry to control its electricity and heating costs and reduce its environmental footprint. This partnership comes after an already successful cooperation of the two entities in the German T&D sector with major power line projects.

Comprehensive portfolio of “PV solar” and “PV solar +” solutions

The new major player in the German solar business brings a comprehensive portfolio of services that includes Engineering Procurement and Construction, Operating and Maintenance for medium and large-scale Solar PV plants, floating solar or agri-photovoltaic infrastructure. It also provides customised “PV power-to-X” solutions based on a solid track record in that specific field (power-to-heat, green H2, green heat modules).

Elisabeth Benedetto, Head of the Energy unit of Bouygues Energies and Services explains: “We anticipate that Germany will be one of the most innovative markets in the coming years and we believe that the combination of our expertise will allow us to play a key role in the energy transition”. Marcus Dörfler, Head of Business Development Kraftanlagen Energies & Services adds: “Our aim is to make an active and innovative contribution to the ambitious goals of the German energy transition agenda, for example in decarbonising the generation of electricity, process heat and synthetic fuels”.

Symbol image (Shutterstock)

With more than 3,2 GW installed solar capacity Bouygues Energies & Services is the number one EPC service provider for large-scale solar installations in France and among the Top 10 solar EPC contractors worldwide, with operations in Australia, Southeast Asia, Japan and the Caribbean.

With its Energy business unit, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services is increasingly focusing on solutions for sector coupling with power-to-X, green hydrogen, large-scale heat pumps and storage.

Contact Business Development
Marcus Dörfler +49 89 6237 145 –

Symbolic handover of keys to the new office building

Employees of Kraftanlagen and IPIP as well as some guests came together in Ploiesti on 20 January to celebrate a big step: the opening of the new office building, where the Business Unit Industry in Romania can now bundle its engineering and construction competences and share resources in a state-of-the-art working environment.

The Managing Directors (from left) Costel Lungu, Mark Wrobel (both KA Romania) and Florin Michalcea (IPIP) are delighted with their new home. (Images: Kraftanlagen)

The new home of Kraftanlagen and IPIP in Ploiesti is one of the most modern office buildings in the city. Its sustainability over the entire life cycle is BREEAM-certified.

Workplaces with an option for 200

Following the motto What belongs together grows together, we continued our successful work in Romania in the new office building. It is the next logical step, because we want to offer our customers everything from a single source in order to minimise interfaces and sources of error and thus increase efficiency and reduce costs. Thus, we offer engineering, delivery and assembly, commissioning as well as service in the industrial sector under one roof.

Mario Vouilleme, Head of Business Unit Industry, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services


Libertatii, 6A, 100283, Ploiesti – Prahova, Romania

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services is expanding its office capacity at the Haiming branch with a new building. This investment in the future is an expression of the company’s growth strategy as a general contractor in industrial services. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on 4 November.

Integral solution provider in plant construction grows

A ground-breaking ceremony with high-ranking representatives of local politics and business today in Haiming gave the official go-ahead for a further expansion of Kraftanlagen’s presence in the ChemDelta. With its holistic service portfolio consisting of engineering, manufacturing and assembly, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH (formerly Kraftanlagen München GmbH) looks after chemical and petrochemical plants throughout their entire life cycle: from planning and new construction to maintenance and repair, complex modernisation, shutdown and overhaul work and dismantling. The new office building now underway will allow the group to relocate its engineering subsidiary ECM from Burghausen to the Haiming branch. “The specialist areas of our Industry business unit continue to grow together and we also want to expand our business as a general contractor. ECM is coming to Haiming. This will allow us to have the concentrated expertise of our engineering, manufacturing and assembly teams under one roof. We are convinced that this step will benefit our projects and thus also our customers, who can get everything from Kraftanlagen from a single source if they wish,” says Alfons Weber, COO Kraftanlagen Energies & Services.

Over 2000 m² of new office space

The last new office building was constructed at the site in 2010. Its expansion is scheduled for completion in February 2023. More than 2000 m2 of new office space will then be available, almost doubling the size of the new building, which will allow for an increase of around 100 state-of-the-art workplaces at the site. The sustainable energy supply of the new building is based, among other things, on a photovoltaic system (50 kWp) and an energy storage system (60 kWh). There will also be four charging columns for Kraftanlagen’s growing e-vehicle fleet in Haiming, where Kraftanlagen Energies & Services already uses several electric pool vehicles.

“This expansion stage had been planned for some time. We are very pleased that the new eco-friendly building with our new logo is now becoming a reality,” says Stéphane Stoll, CEO Kraftanlagen Energies & Services. “It is our ambition to actively participate in the development of this beautiful region through the jobs we create.”

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new office building in Haiming on 04.11.2021. From left: Stéphane Stoll (CEO Kraftanlagen Energies & Services), Mario Vouilleme (Business Unit Manager Industry, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services), Alfons Weber (COO Kraftanlagen Energies & Services) (Image: Kraftanlagen Energies & Services)

Discover our new logo!

Dr. Isabelle Werner
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Dr. Karsten Werth
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As of 2 November 2021, Kraftanlagen München GmbH will have a new logo. The Kraftanlagen Group will become Kraftanlagen Energies & Services. In this context, Kraftanlagen München GmbH will change its name to Kraftanlagen Energies & Services GmbH.

With this change we are expressing four central characteristics:

“One Kraftanlagen”
We are a strong group in which our teams throughout Europe work together with our customers to find the best solutions for their challenges: energy transition, digital transformation, services. Nothing changes for our customers. We will remain at all of our locations and you will retain your reliable and competent contact persons on site.

Kraftanlagen is part of a strong organisation
There is a lot of power in us. As a medium-sized company, we are part of the Bouygues Energies & Services division, a global player and market leader in the fields of energy, digital and industrial transformation (22,000 employees within four major entities – Kraftanlagen Energies & Services in Germany, Romania and Austria; Bouygues Energies & Services in France, United Kingdom, Italy, and Switzerland; Plan Group in Canada; Axione in France and in the UK). We continue to grow together with Bouygues Construction, exploiting synergies, sharing innovations and tackling projects and initiatives together. We also demonstrate this with our new name “Kraftanlagen Energies & Services” and our logo in the common colours.

“Together Further” – our performance promise to you
We work as a team with our customers. We take care of the construction and maintenance of their most important assets. We make sure that tomorrow’s most important resources energy, data, services and people flow more efficiently.

Kraftanlagen know-how for more climate protection
We are committed to the energy transition with further decarbonisation solutions: by expanding renewable energy and energy storage, by promoting low-carbon industrial processes, by constructing energy-efficient buildings and by supporting sustainable communities.

“Beyond our ongoing activities for our customers, we are also pleased to make Kraftanlagen’s new direction visible with our logo. We continue to stand for the highest level of performance and quality, coupled with a stronger organisation, focused on the challenges facing our customers and our society in the energy transition, digital transformation and services,” says Stéphane Stoll, CEO Kraftanlagen Energies & Services.

Discover our new logo!

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Dr. Isabelle Werner
Ridlerstrasse 31c
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Phone: +49 89 6237 387

Dr. Karsten Werth
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