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As Clariant’s mechanical contractor, the Kraftanlagen Group is involved in the construction of one of the most innovative plants for the production of sustainable biofuel. With its Sunliquid® production plant in Podari in the southwest of Romania, Clariant aims to produce high-purity bioethanol from straw from August 2022. The entire plant is climate-friendly and a successful example of a circular economy.

The Sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol obtained is an advanced, highly sustainable and CO2-neutral biofuel produced from agricultural residues such as wheat straw. The planned production capacity of the new plant in Romania is 50,000 tonnes per year.

At the peak of our work in April next year, more than 400 Romanian colleagues from Kraftanlagen will be working on site and in the office on this contract. This makes the Sunliquid® plant the largest project we have ever handled in Romania. After one and a half years of contract negotiations, we successfully won against competitors from Italy, Austria, Turkey and Romania.

Mark WrobelHead of the Division East, Business Unit Industrie, Kraftanlagen Gruppe

Performance package of Kraftanlagen:


Stocking of all supplied equipment and materials, which are included in the scope of services of Kraftanlagen for the installation


Equipment (static & dynamic) – unloading, storage, installation


Piping (85% stainless steel) – procurement, prefabrication and installation


Pipe supports – procurement, prefabrication and installation


Valves, instruments and special items – unloading, storage, installation


Corrosion protection


Insulation – piping and equipment


Anchoring and grouting


Cranes and heavy transport

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic, all work on the site has been completed on time in compliance with all measures set by the Romanian authorities.

It is really impressive to see how our project team, as well as all the partners on the ground, have managed to keep this important construction project running while ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Hans BohnenChief Operating Officer, Clariant

Join us for us for a tour of Clariant’s Sunliquid® production facilities