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Fire protection

We engineer, procure, install and maintain fire alarm and fire fighting systems for industry and power plants, as well as public and commercial buildings.

They have to work in case of emergency: Systems for early fire detection and active fire fighting. Because fire is among the greatest threats to people, the environment and property. The sooner a fire is detected and fought, the less severe its consequences will be.

Perfectly equipped.

Only systematically linking fire protection systems, early fire detection systems, fire alarms and stationary fire fighting systems provides optimal protection for people, buildings and property. Professionals are needed to make that work – Kraftanlagen experts engineer and build complete fire detection and fire fighting systems.

Our services

We have the required permits for the engineering, erection and maintenance of

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Spray-water fire fighting systems
  • Foam mixing in water extinguishing systems
  • Water-fine spray extinguishing systems
  • Foam extinguishing system
  • Gas fire fighting systems
  • Hydrant systems

Our fire protection solutions

Fire fighting systems

As an experienced fire protection specialist, we have mastered all standard fire fighting systems. We engineer and erect systems that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Service and maintenance

We are offering you a proven service organisation that has expanded over the course of decades and takes care of all tasks related to maintenance and repairs.

Fire alarm systems

Taking optimal precautions increases safety We will support you in this effort – from the initial consultation all the way to maintenance services at the completed system.

Our locations

Our fire protection reference projects

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