“When people realise what I do, I quickly become the centre of attention”

What do you do at Kraftanlagen?

As a service technician, I ensure the smooth operation of crematorium technology. People almost always react positively to what I do, nobody says “yuck, there’s no way I could do that”. In fact, quite the opposite. Many people are curious and genuinely want to know how everything works in a crematorium.

What does your average day look like?

Kraftanlagen Hamburg engineers and builds cremation systems as a general contractor – afterwards, I am always there to take care of their maintenance. In addition to my own work, I check that all groups work well together and that time schedules and quality standards are all adhered to. When a fault is detected, I arrive on the scene as quickly as possible.

What sets working at Kraftanlagen apart?

I work throughout Germany, but also in Switzerland and Austria. It is not always easy to juggle work and family, especially when someone gets ill and the day cannot go according to how I originally planned. However, my colleagues at Kraftanlagen are very flexible and understanding. And, importantly: There is a great deal of mutual respect within Kraftanlagen – everybody is taken seriously.