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Fire fighting systems

As an experienced fire protection specialist, we have mastered all standard fire fighting systems. We engineer and erect systems that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Our sprinkler systems automatically fight fires while triggering alarms at the same time. That allows fire fighters to pinpoint the location of the fire and to coordinate their own activities.


Spray-water or water-mist fire fighting systems protect areas that could allow the fire to spread quickly. They are used in air plane hangars, the chemical industry, furnaces, generators or turbines, among others.

Always the best solution: Sprinkler systems, spray-water, foam and gas fire fighting systems.

We install foam extinguishing systems wherever liquids could catch fire. We are also experts in this field. We are engineering and installing this fire protection solution in tank farms, oil collection tanks, in storage and production areas with liquid fuel, plastic containers and flammable chemicals.


We engineer and erect gas fire fighting systems, for example, when using water as an extinguishing agent could cause intolerable damage. The use of extinguishing gases is a challenge for plant technology, because it is important to warn people in time and to use the right amount of the extinguishing agent – electronically, mechanically, manually or in combination.

Our reference projects

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