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Power plant technology

We supply conventional power plant construction (coal, gas, steam, nuclear) with piping systems and components from our own fabrication. For high, medium, and low pressure ranges, we use mainly high-alloyed materials.

We use inductive bending for the prefabrication of complex piping systems and modules. By using this process, we fabricate pipe bends with the same or even better material properties as the primary straight pipes. The long-term behaviour of an induction bent spool system is far superior to a welded spool system. Two bending machines allow the processing of pipes with a diameter of up to 1,220 mm and a wall thickness of 120 mm respectively.

Excellence in every production step: Inductive bending, annealing, mechanical processing, welding, blasting and preserving

We have a system of stationary and mobile heat treatment equipment for normalisation annealing, solution annealing, tempering and stress-free annealing. Our spool prefabrication uses ultra-modern, efficient cutting and joining technology. The cutting is carried out on a CNC plasma cutting machine for pipes up to 12 m in length. In addition to the standard TIG/SMAW manual welding method, we also use UP welding for larger pipe dimensions or wall thicknesses. Pipe spools are preserved according to customer specifications.

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