The most cutting-edge, highly efficient solutions for your data center – all from a single source

The exponential global data stream growth is driving the demand for data centers. Thanks to the combined strength of Kraftanlagen and Bouygues Energy & Services, you will have access to outstanding expertise when it comes to the integrated planning, execution and servicing of data center projects.

The successful execution of each data center project requires a profound understanding of current data center environments and the technical expertise that facilitates all other aspects of your project development.

We take a different view of the entire life cycle of the project. It takes passion and decisiveness to question traditional design and construction methods. Instead of simply relying on traditional practices, we are offering our customers alternative solutions based on

  • Intelligent design
  • Intelligent construction
  • intelligent system check out
  • intelligent and flexible Service

Principles and strategies for the optimisation of sustainability and high performance of intelligent data Centers.

Our comprehensive expertise combined with an innovative spirit – as well as the integration of existing and state-of-the-art technologies – allows us to design, engineer and build your data center installations regardless of the complexity or size of your data center project. By combining our internal know-how in the areas of system check out, security and communication, we create added value for your investments from the first day. Our experts strive to supply efficient, secure and reliable solutions that comply with the latest industry and government standards and regulations.

They also help you develop cutting-edge solutions for your new and existing systems that

  • offer an optimal efficiency, failure safety as well as standard industry PUE values
  • provide custom solutions that meet your flexibility and modularity requirements and support your growth strategy
  • integrate the latest technologies and applications with a sustainable design (LEED certification)
  • improve the performance and efficiency of your system while also maximising its profitability.

Our services

  • Front-End-Engineering
    • Strategy and requirements
    • Conception and design
  • Design & Engineering
    • Detail design
    • Tier design
    • Electrial System (HV/MV/LV)
    • Energy optimization
    • Building services
    • Controland Instrumentation
  • Construction
    • Design Management
    • Project management
    • Procurement
    • Modular prefabrication
    • Construction and Equipment
    • Installation
  • Commissioning
    • Integrated System check
  • Security & communication
    • Structured cabling
    • Administration systems
    • Security Systems

You can go here to find additional information on the EPC/general contractor solutions that we undertake jointly with Bouygues Energies & Services in this field.

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