We advise you on energy load optimisation, energy purchases and the generation of your own energy.

The energy transition poses complex challenges to the industrial sector. The specialisation and procurement effort for the supply of inexpensive electricity and heat is increasing. Reporting and transparency requirements for taxes, fees and grants are on the rise, as are your customers’ demands for sustainability (carbon footprint).

Energy cost reductions nowadays are the result of data collection and analysis as well as the optimised provision of energy – often a combination of purchasing electricity, the generation of one’s own energy and the use of innovative energy technologies.

We will help you develop the best solution!

Our consultation solutions

  • Analysis and optimisation of the tax and fee situation in the energy sector
  • Analysis of thermal and electric loads as the basis for ISO 50001 as well as optimisation measures
  • Analysis of energy procurement (make and/or buy)
  • Identification of self-generation options to lower the cost of purchasing energy and reduce the dependence on suppliers, marketing of existing production system flexibility (control energy, switchable loads)
  • Design and economic assessment of electricity and heat self-generation plants, CHP for the partial or total power generation based on renewable energies and fossil fuels or electricity-based heat generation (power-to-heat, heat pump)
  • Technology studies for plant components: (Power-to-heat/gas/fuels, battery (high-temperature) thermal storage, heat pump, solar thermal energy (process heat), biomass
  • Preparation of engineering, approval and tender documents for self-generation plants with optional construction and guarantee monitoring 
  • Establishment of processes for plant operation and maintenance
  • Technical Due-Diligence

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