Reliable heating supply: efficient hot water and steam generation plants – With an awareness of finite energy reserves and the consequences of emissions, energy has to be utilised as efficiently as possible. Those using state-of-the-art and advanced technologies can significantly reduce the use of fuel and therefore its energy costs and the effect on the environment.

Hot water and steam generation plants are among the centrepieces of industrial, commercial and municipal infrastructures. 

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services assumes this responsibility. Careful dimensioning and the effective interplay of plant components guarantee that we create hot water and steam generation plants that are efficient, reliable, highly available and durable.

Our services

  • Conception and consultation
  • Execution and construction engineering
  • Coordination of functions
  • Procurement and construction
  • System check out
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Repairs and plant optimisation
  • Services

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