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Innovative power plant designs

Flexibly into the future: We engineer and erect highly flexible power plants that make control energy and heat extraction available to municipal and commercial customers – as partial lots or turn-key ready.

Due to the withdrawal from nuclear energy as well as the increasing expansion and preferential treatment of renewable energies, the "fleet" of power plants has to become more flexible. We develop, engineer and implement power plants with high control speeds, large load ranges and fast startup and shutdown times on the basis of gas engines, gas and steam turbines and boiler plants.

The utmost power and heat generation flexibility

The combination of state-of-the-art firing and control technology with a flexible water-steam management, for example, allows the 135-MW Block K7 of the Kladno brown coal power plant (which we implemented), to be used as a net system service provider with a control speed of >4 MW/min. A combination of twenty 10-MW class gas engines, like the system we installed in the Kiel gas engine heating power plant, provides maximum plant efficiency. This power plant can be started up from 0 to 190 MW of electrical power performance in 5 minutes. The use of thermal storage with power-to-heat capability, which we implement as individual systems, provides additional flexibility.

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Kiel: Gas engine heating power plant with combined heat and power generation

January 2020:
Experience in our video once again all essential construction phases of Europe's most flexible CHP plant.

As general contractor, Kraftanlagen München erected a state-of-the-art gas engine heating power plant with combined heat and power generation at the Kiel Fjord.

The location at the Baltic Sea requires extremely flexible technology: Due to the high share of wind power in the grid, the power plant has to be able to feed its entire output into the local grid in a very short period of time in order to balance the fluctuations of the power generated from wind and solar energy.

The power plant can be ramped up from zero to 190 MW within just five minutes – a feat made possible by 20 gas engines that can each be individually controlled. The plant also supplies up to 190 MW of district heating: It is either fed into the public district heating network of the city of Kiel or, if the heat network has low demand, it is stored temporarily in a storage module and available later. In that way, power and heat generation can be decoupled at different times. That allows the power to be generated when it is needed in the grid.  

Fact sheet

Stadtwerke Kiel

Order parameters
Gas engine heating power plant with 20 gas engines and combined heat and power generation

Total capacity
190 MW electric, 192 MW thermal

Overall efficiency
more than 90 %

Envisaged construction period
Autumn 2015 to November 2019

Alfons Weber, head of the Energy and power plant technology segment

"The power plant is exemplary. Due to its controllability, it provides an answer to the challenges posed by the energy transition and, due to the high effectiveness of its combined heat and power generation, it is also part of the heat transition."

Thanks to its modular design, the power plant cannot only optimally compensate grid fluctuations but also supply the power for sale on the balancing energy market. If there is too much power in the grid, the power plant will store the excess electrical energy as heat. In times of fluctuating power generation and the current lack of power storage capacities, this power-to-heat technology is a flexible and necessary solution.

The power plant project, which is the only one of its kind in Europe, is future-oriented and exemplary for the successful implementation of the energy transition by using highly efficient combined heat and power generation.




August 2018
“First Fire” – A milestone in the construction of the K.I.E.L. coastal power plant: For the first time, a Jenbacher J920 FleXtra gas engine from GE will be required in the K.I.E.L coastal power plant at nominal speed. Learn here how a “First Fire” works.

March 7th, 2018:

All 20 Jenbacher J920 FleXtra gas engines have arrived at the coastal power plant K.I.E.L. Representatives of Stadtwerke Kiel, Kraftanlagen München and GE are unveiling one of the 20 Jenbacher J920 FleXtra gas engines at the new K.I.E.L. coastal power plant.

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