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Decentralised power generation, incineration plants

Winterthur Crematorium (Switzerland)

Modern and listed buildings complement one another perfectly in Winterthur. Multi-deck furnaces were able to be integrated optimally in the predefined building cubature and the downstream flue gas cooling and cleaning systems were installed in the two-storey basement area.

The erection of the cremation technology was completed according to 27. BImSchV. and the Swiss LRV (clean air regulation), the cremation furnaces are each equipped with 3 industrial burner systems and automated casket insertion machine.

The fixed-bed process with upstream fabric filter and cyclone separator was used as the flue gas cleaning process while the flue gas is cooled via a flue gas cooler with angular design and an automated soot blower system.

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Stadt Winterthur

Period of execution:

  • Order placed: 08/2002
  • Commissioning: 09/2003
  • Handover to the customer: 10/2003

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