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Utility services, water treatment and drinking water hygiene

Voith Turbo water treatment, Garching

Kraftanlagen engineered, built and erected a water treatment system for well water that is being used for a recooling plant.

Recooling plants ensure a fault-free production process and perfect climatic conditions in buildings – and therefore the high standard of the quality of the cooling water must be guaranteed. Kraftanlagen installed a water treatment system that includes, among other things, a desalination plant for the controlled limitation of dissolved salts and therefore the control of the electrical conductivity. The system also includes integrated controls for pulse dosing products reducing microbiological growth and a softening plant for water treatment. A sand filter is used for removing dirt particles and suspended matter in an open and semi-open cooling system.  

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Voith Turbo Garching

Period of execution:
November 2015

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