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Vacuum pipelines for Russian natural gas project

On behalf of Gazprom as well as the project EPC contractor SRDI Oil & Gas Peton, Linde will carry out the construction of a medium-size plant complex for the production, storage and transport of liquefied natural gas in Portovaya on Russia's Baltic coast. The plant is intended to treat and liquefy natural gas from the nearby compressor station belonging to the Nord Stream pipeline and then transport it for ship loading. The transport of the natural gas between the processing plant and loading is carried out via a 4 km-long line. This is augmented with double-walled, vacuum-insulated LNG transport lines (2 x nominal pipe diameters DN 500) and the gas displacement line (nominal pip diameter DN 600).

Linde commissioned the Schwanner GmbH with the supply and fabrication of the 440 average 30 metre-length pipe segments required for this. In order to aid the complete fabrication and insulation of the pipe segments, Schwanner leased a 25,000m2 hall in Bremerhaven which featured an outside area and harbour quay.

Schwanner commissioned the Kraftanlagen München GmbH with the fabrication of the external pipes as well as the furnishing of the complete spool with the pre-insulated internal pipes and brackets. Kraftanlagen München is prefabricating the vacuum envelope at four manufacturing stations on a total area of 5,000 m2 and joining it to the internal pipe on 7 production lines. The completed, welded spool is returned to Schwanner for evacuation following water pressure testing, pickling and passivating.

The manufacture of jacket pipes of these dimensions and quantities in flow production is a particular challenge. In the run-up, innovative devices were developed and tested in close cooperation with construction management, construction and our production centre in Haiming; these were then further developed at the construction site utilising the findings derived from the series production.

Fact Sheet

Schwanner GmbH, Burgkirchen

Period of execution:
08/2017 – 06/2018

Project details:
•    3 line strands (2 x DN 500 and 1 x DN 600)
•    Total length: 12 km
•    Total number of pipe spools: 440 units
•    Spool weight: 4.5 t to 5.8 t

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