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Energy and power plant technology, biomass heating power plants

Sandreuth biomass heating power plant

In December 2009, Kraftanlagen München was tasked with the engineering and erection of a turnkey biomass heating power plant in Nürnberg-Sandreuth.

The complete integration of the new plant into the existing power plant site on Sandreuthstraße in Nuremberg posed a particular challenge. Excellent conditions with respect to the utilisation of existing infrastructure were accompanied by extremely limited space for the construction and installation phase. This aspect had to be taken account even during engineering.

High demands were placed on construction with measures such as the incorporation of an existing stair tower into the new building complex and the installation of a turbine and heating condenser in the existing building. In addition to district heating, all media from the water-steam cycle as well as electrical, instrumentation and control technology were linked up with existing systems in different buildings.

Since the acceptance in March 2012, 50,000 tonnes of untreated forest wood chips and fresh wood from landscape maintenance in the region are burned per year in the new biomass heating power plant. The fuel is delivered in walking-floor or tipping lorries. The water content of the fuel is between 30 and 60 %.

If it is determined during dumping that the fuel does not meet the quality requirements, the material can be routed directly out of the chute and back into the delivering lorry with a bad-batch rejection system.

The plant is operated exclusively with combined heat and power generation and optimally utilises the energy of the fuel with over 85% efficiency. With peak outputs of 14 MW thermally and 6 MW electrically, 82 million kWh of district heating and 35 million kWh of electricity are produced annually. Compared to the combustion of heating oil, approximately 28,000 tonnes of CO2 were saved.

Fact sheet

N-ERGIE, Nuremberg

Period of execution:
2009 – 2012

Plant parameters:

  • Thermal furnace performance: 23 MW
  • Max. electrical power performance: 6 MW
  • District heating performance: 13.7 MW
  • Fuel: untreated biomass (wood chips)

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