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Decentralised power generation, cooling and refrigeration supply

Refrigeration unit, Eppendorf university medical centre, Hamburg

A second water chiller was integrated in the existing "Power Plant" refrigeration generation, and the cooling tower on the roof was expanded through an evaporative cooler.

It there is a greater cooling demand, an additional cooler in the "MRC" provides more refrigeration. The dry recooling system is integrated into the cold water system as free cooling to cover the base load when the exterior temperature is low. The conversion of the refrigeration unit in the "MRC" area was completed by creating provisional appliances while maintaining an uninterrupted refrigeration supply.

The cooling capacity of 3 MWth is generated by 2 coolers with turbo compressors, the 12 dry coolers and the evaporative cooling tower have a total capacity of 4.4 MWth.

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