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Nuclear technology, engineering and calculation

Philippsburg nuclear power plant – non-linear earthquake analysis of the spraying unit line in the condensation chamber

Due to a non-linear calculation, the effects of the load case design earthquake on the spraying unit line TH16 Z112/110 were supposed to be determined. The analysis was completed using the method of direct integration with the program Rohr2-Stoß (Rohr2-impact).

The previously performed dynamic analysis according to the modal analysis with linear storage conditions (unrestricted lateral shifts possible) showed that, in the load case design earthquake, there were large horizontal shifts at the bearings of the spraying unit line and correspondingly high sectional strains at the point that connects the pipeline to the grommet. The conservative assumptions within these results were analysed in greater depth via a non-linear earthquake analysis.

To carry out the non-linear dynamic earthquake calculation, the acceleration-time sequence plots of the earthquake and the building are needed. Since no suitable time sequences were available, they were determined on the basis of the available response spectrum. The resulting acceleration-time sequence plots were used for a further calculation procedure (Rohr2-impact) to determine tensions, shifts as well as the bearing and sectional strains the pipeline is subject to.


  • The structural stability of the spraying unit line during a design earthquake is ensured.
  • The large horizontal shifts at the bearings, which were found during the modal analysis, no longer occur.
  • The sectional strains at the grommet have been reduced significantly compared to the modal analysis.
  • The stress utilisations in the load case design earthquake decrease.

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Kernkraftwerk Philippsburg

Project details:

  • Non-linear earthquake calculation with Rohr2-impact (direct integration method)
  • Determination of earthquake time histories
  • Stress analysis in accordance with KTA 3211.2

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