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Nuclear technology, engineering and calculation

Philippsburg nuclear power plant: Disassembly and dissection planning for machine hall components

Since being switched off in 2011, the Philippsburg 1 boiling water reactor has been in the so-called post-operation mode. The post-operation phase ends as soon as the permission has been granted to shut down and dismantle the plant.


Kraftanlagen Heidelberg was tasked with the disassembly and dissection planning for the machine hall components. The duration of the project was 14 weeks. During this project an approach was pursued to enlarge the components as much as possible in order to prepare for an easier subsequent dismantling in the residual material processing centre in the future (RBZ).


The scope of deliveries of Kraftanlagen Heidelberg included screening the existing documentation for the following machine hall components:

  • Generator
  • Excitation device
  • High and low pressure turbine
  • Water separator/reheater (WaZü)
  • Condensers
  • Preheating area with piping systems and vessels

During the creation of engineering documents, we provided services on superordinate topics such as: 

  • Approval and supervision
  • Instruction and training
  • Fire protection
  • Hazardous materials
  • Scaffolding
  • Fall protection/barriers
  • Enclosures
  • Extractors and ventilation systems
  • Utility supply
  • Construction site equipment
  • Machine hall crane

The following component-specific topics were among our engineering services:  

  • Disassembly description
  • Lifting appliances/lifting gear
  • Description of the equipment technology to be used
  • Transportation logistics and mass flow
  • Scheduling
  • Personnel planning (histogram of manpower)
  • Cost calculation





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