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Petrom refinery DAV / Coker Revamp (Romania)

In Romania, Kraftanlagen München completed an order at the Petrom refinery that included the conversion and new construction of a crude oil distillation system and the coker. Another part of the order included shutdown work and preparations for commissioning.

During the completion of the order, there were no reportable accidents on the part of Kraftanlagen München during 1,260,000 hours worked.

Fact sheet

Petrom S.A., Romania

Period of execution:
2011 – 2012

Plant parameters:

  • Pipeline installation: 1,185 t
  • Equipment installation: 77 pieces
  • Steel construction: 600 t
  • Dismantling total: 400 t
  • Turnaround total: 411 t
  • Turnaround time: 31 days

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