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Nuclear technology, power plant technology

Obrigheim nuclear power plant – engineering and erection of an electric evaporation system

The task was to evaporate the large amount of waste water, which accumulated as a result of shut down and decommissioning operations, with a new process technology. A complete plant with downstream system components adapted to the remaining amount was to be used.

After being chosen by EnBW Kernkraft GmbH, Kraftanlagen Heidelberg implemented the entire project with conception, engineering, process design and calculation services as well as the fabrication of components and installation. Taking into account safety and energy efficiency and using the existing premises, a vacuum distillation plant with distillate and concentrate containers was installed. Existing plant components, such as the old evaporator system, were prepared for shutdown and dismantling following the successful commissioning of the new evaporator system.

All project and budget targets as well as deadlines were observed as agreed upon. A fault-free handover ensued.

Our services:

  •  Overall planning, process design, design and fabrication of

    • Waste water feed pumps and pipelines
    • Vessels and sample collection
    • Brackets and fastenings
    • Steel construction and radiation protection (screening walls, gates, etc.)

  • Static and dynamic calculation of plant components
  • Standard proofs of safety
  • Ordering plant components in accordance with KTA rules
  • Schedule sequences and coordination with partner companies
  • Engineering and erection of the corresponding instrumentation and control technology
  • Documentation

Fact sheet

EnBW Kernkraftwerk GmbH

Technical data:

  • Evaporator output: 350 l/h
  • Connected load: 36 kW
  • Total system according to KTA-standard

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