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Nuclear technology, dismantling and disposal technology

Obrigheim nuclear power plant: Conversion of the mobile TR10 plant

During coolant cleaning TR01-TR04, used and radioactively contaminated ion exchange resin are accrued. Until they can be disposed, they are stored temporarily in resin waste containers. The Mosaic-type shielding containers are filled with the "mobile resin filling system TR10", which was commissioned in 2000.
After eight mosaic vessels with nodular resin were filled into into Mosaic II-15 vessels , KWO wanted to modify the "mobile resin filling system TR10" with regard to its operating security. Because the filling of an additional 10 Mosaic II vessels was anticipated, Kraftanlagen Heidelberg undertook the modifications at the existing system in 2006.

The modification included the dosing container, transport water separator and slot screen insert. Due to the retrofit with a slot screen cleaning option, the reduction of the humidity discharge and the prevention of the discharge of solids via the vessel exhaust air system, the overall system was improved considerably.
In order to increase operating safety, the existing "mobile resin filling system TR10" was converted and expanded with a slot screen cleaning process.

The main changes were:

  • a slot screen cleaning system including overpressure protection in the transport water discharge pipe.
  • a changed container a vessel exhaust airflow including droplet separator

Principally, the system consists of the following parts:

  • Resin collection-dosing container with transport water separator
  • Transport water collection container
  • Mosaic drum transport facility that is designed for remote handling

For the conversion and expansion of the system, Kraftanlagen Heidelberg provided the following services:

Retrofitting the vessel exhaust air system
The vessel exhaust air system was modified in a way that no solids or fluids could be discharged into the exhaust air channel from the mosaic vessel and metering vessel ventilation systems via the exhaust ducts.

Installation of an anti-rotation device at the slot screen cylinder

Slot screen cleaning system
In order to avoid the gap of the slot screen cylinder being clogged up, a slot screen cleaning system was installed. This system consists of a high-pressure unit (150 bar, 900 l/h) and 3 high-pressure flat spray nozzles that have been inserted into the cladding of the transport water separator housing.

The strength of the transport water separator housing cladding was proven as a VPU addition with a new calculation. The spray area of the nozzles is directed vertically onto the slot screen cylinder. The distribution and division of the high-pressure cleaning liquid is regulated via a high-pressure distributor and connected, manually controlled ball valves.

Checking and adaptation of the EI&C technology
The modifications at the existing plant also made changes to its operation necessary. During the electro-technical commissioning of the mobile resin filling system TR10, it became necessary to check the functionality of the entire EI&C technology.
The slot screen cleaning system was added as a new operating/sequence point to the system control.

Checking and adaptation of the process technology
The scope of the modifications consists of adapting the process technology, the operating manual and the IBS program. The operating manual was adjusted to the operating mode of the last resin filling in 2000. In addition, a refresher training for the operating personnel was conducted.

Operational support in obtaining the independent analysis of the agency (TÜV)

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