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Energy and power plant technology, gas and steam turbine power plants

Monthey gas and steam turbine heating power plant (Switzerland)

As general contractor, Kraftanlagen München was responsible for the engineering, erection and commissioning of the entire combined-cycle power plant.

Monthel AG is the owner of the power plant. The operator is CIMO SA (Compagnie Industrielle de Monthey), on whose premises the power plant is located. It provides process steam and power to BASF, Syngenta and Huntsman, which are being supplied by CIMO. The excess power is fed into the public network. The system features an electrical power performance of 54 MW and a thermal power performance of 85 t/h.

In a two-pressure boiler, the exhaust of the gas turbine is used to generate steam with 64 bar, 525°C and 8.5 bar, 270°C. Via n additional firing, the steam power output can be increased from 54 t/h to up to 85 t/h. The high-pressure steam is relieved via a steam turbine. 12-bar steam is being made available to supply the chemical plants via an uncontrolled tapping device and 6-bar steam is made available via a controlled tapping device.

The remaining steam is liquefied in a condenser that is being cooled with river water. If the steam turbine fails, the supply of the steam networks can be guaranteed via the pressure reducing and desuperheating stations. The entire steam mass flow can also be fed into the condenser via a steam reducing station so that the gas turbine can continue to be operated. In place of the removed steam, CIMO supplies treated water (demineralised water). By installing an SCR catalytic converter, all emissions fall far below all legal requirements.

Fact sheet

Monthel AG

Period of execution:
2007 – 2009

Plant parameters:

  • Electrical power performance: 57 MW
  • Steam supply: max. 85 t/h
  • Overall efficiency: 83 %

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