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Energy and power plant technology, biomass heating power plants

Mannheim biomass heating power plant

As general contractor, Kraftanlagen München implemented the engineering, erection and commissioning of the entire civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control technology (EI&C systems) of the biomass heating power plant on Mannheim's Friesenheimer Island.

The plant supplied by Kraftanlagen München consists of a boiler plant with spreader feeding and travelling grate, a flue gas cleaning system according to 17. BImSchV, the steam turbine, the air-cooled condensation system, the water-steam cycle as well as the electrical, instrumentation and control technology (EI&C systems) for the operation and monitoring of the entire plant.

The power plant is mostly automated. The control technology is designed in a way that ensures the redundancy of all of its essential functions. This allows an operation with a minimum personnel requirement that is available 8,000 hours per year. The system is equipped for operation without supervision for 24 hours. In addition, the plant can be monitored and remotely controlled from a control station installed in the neighbouring heating power plant. A fire warning system covering the entire area provides secure fire protection. A battery-backed UPS plant ensures that the plant shuts down in an orderly fashion in case of a power outage.

The highly modern firing technology already greatly reduces the creation and release of pollutants damaging to the environment. The unavoidable emissions generated during the incineration are minimised via a flue gas cleaning system. By adding lime hydrate and hearth furnace coke, the pollutants contained in the flue gas are bound and, together with the dust, separated in two cyclones and a downstream fabric filter. The plant thereby falls below the permissible limit values of 17. BImSchV.

Burning residual and leftover wood is a particularly environmentally friendly type of power generation. By incinerating the biomass in the power plants, no additional greenhouse gases, which cause climate change, are generated. While CO2 is released, it is merely the same amount that was removed from the atmosphere during the growth of the plants. Furthermore, the high efficiency of the plant ensures an efficient use of the utilised fuel.

Fact sheet

MVV BMKW Mannheim GmbH

Period of execution:
2002 – 2003

Plant parameters:

  • Thermal furnace performance: 69 MW
  • Electrical power performance: 20 MW
  • Fuel: Residual wood, A1 – A4

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