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ITER: Detailed engineering of a system for the removal of tritium from process water contaminated with tritium.

The fusion reactor ITER, an international research project, has been built in Cadarache in the south of France since 2012. Kraftanlagen Heidelberg has created two concepts for the retention of tritium and engineered the corresponding systems. In a follow-up project from F4E (Fusion for Energy) the detailed engineering of a system for the collection and detritiation of tritium-contaminated plant waste water was carried out with the goal of regaining tritium that can then be reused in ITER's tritium fuel cycle.

In this project we are also with qualified partners from the R&D sector in order to be able to deal with interdisciplinary problems. A new part of this order was making available a comprehensive package of documents for the engineering revision, which is carried out with independent international experts, the future plant operator (ITER Organisation) and Kraftanlagen.    

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