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Installation of a single bulb turbine generator unit in Braskereidfoss (Norway)

Kraftanlagen München GmbH (KAM) was appointed as mechanical contractor for the installation of the turbine and generator. Kraftanlagen München has installed a single bulb turbine generator unit with a capacity of 270 m³/s. The generator output is 23 MVA. The project was realized by the Austrian branch office of Kraftanlagen München. 

Scope of Services:
Installation, quality assurance, corrosion  protection, commissioning, trial operation and quality documentation of the installed equipment


Installation schedule:

The turbine erection took 4.5 months, the generator erection took 3 months and the commission took 2 months.

In the erection phase the following main equipment was erected:

  •     draft tube
  •     stay column
  •     distributor
  •     runner
  •     discharge ring
  •     bearing oil system
  •     cooling water system
  •     rotor
  •     stator

Fact sheet

Voith Hydro, St. Pölten

Period of execution:
2014 - 2015

Plant parameters: 

  • turbine capacity: 270 m³/s
  • generator output: 23 MVA
  • heaviest item installed: Generator Stator with around 63,000 kg
  • total installed equipment: 270,000 kg



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