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Hydro electric power

Installation of a Kaplan bulb turbine in Braskereidfoss/Norway

Kraftanlagen München GmbH was commissioned with the installation of the turbine and generator with a capacity of 270 m3/s. The generator’s output is 23 MVA. The project was conducted by the Austrian branch of Kraftanlagen München. 


Scope of service:
Installation, quality assurance, corrosion protection, commissioning, trial operation and quality documentation of the installed plants

Installation plan:

  • Turbine: 5.5 months
  • Generator: 3 months
  • Commissioning: 2 months

The following main systems were installed during the installation phase:


  • Presassembly: Draft tube, pipe housing
  • Main installation Compact part (main shaft, turbine guide bearings, combined bearing), distributor mechanism, runner, bearing oil supply, cooling water system, rotor, stator, bulb nose

Fact sheet

Voith Hydro, St. Pölten

Period of execution:
2014 - 2015

Plant parameters: 

  • turbine capacity: 270 m³/s
  • generator output: 23 MVA
  • heaviest item installed: Generator Stator with around 63,000 kg
  • total installed equipment: 270,000 kg



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