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Gundremmingen nuclear power plant, Block B and C – conversion of the main condensate treatment

Kernkraftwerk Gundremmingen GmbH (KGG) has been engaged in a comprehensive modernisation effort for years. Focus is the optimisation of the main condensate treatment with four condensate treatment lines each in Block B and C. In addition, the existing electromagnetic filters in the treatment lines were replaced with highly efficient pleated cartridges filters.

The goal is to improve the filtration and precipitation of iron products. As a result of the significantly higher degree of separation of the cartridge filters (more than 90%), the accumulation of corrosion products in the water-steam cycle of boiling water reactors is reduced significantly. That has advantages for operation and maintenance. At the same time, the mixed bed filters, which are downstream of the cartridge filters and are used for the treatment of feed water, reach their optimal efficiency because corrosion products no longer contaminate them to the same degree.

In addition to the adaptation of the process technology, the replacement of the filters (including changes to the pipelines, vessels and valves, the conversion also includes comprehensive regulation and control technology adaptations.

The modernisation project was awarded to the consortium consisting of Kraftanlagen Heidelberg and Westinghouse. In addition to the individual services provided by the consortium partners, the order also includes the support of project management and coordination of the services provided by the customer.

In each case, the implementation of the tasks takes place three months prior to the revisions. The following describes the revision of the first condensate treatment line (20UB40 in Block B). The disassembly work was conducted prior to the annual revision and the installation and commissioning during it.

In a first step, the system was decommissioned and separated from the plant. In order to disassemble the system, pipelines, valves, brackets, steel platforms, vessel attachments and mounting parts, such as an electromagnetic coil and twelve tons of steel ball fill, were disassembled, transported and handed over to the operator for disposal. The disassembly of the electromagnetic filter container was done on site.

In the area of mechanical technology and pipeline construction, 16 main and 24 small pipeline systems were built within the respective filter chamber during each conversion process and connected to the existing plant via about 500 weld seams.

In addition, the steel parts for brackets, platforms, ladders and auxiliary constructions with a combined weight of approximately 4,100 kg were supplied and installed. Parallel to the work in the filter chambers, the compressed air supply that is required for the backwashing of the filter was installed in the upstream corridor area.

Due to the high installation density and the tight time windows available, the work was performed in day and night shifts. During the three-month trial operation, the filtration and precipitation performance were recorded in measurement series and documented. The analysis showed that the contractually guaranteed cleaning efficiency was reached completely.

Fact sheet

Kernkraftwerk Gundremmingen GmbH

Technical data (following conversion):

  • Total amount of condensate treatment: max. 1.615 kg/s
  • Flow rate per filter unit (normal operation, 4 lines): max. 404 kg/s
  • Flow rate per filter unit, e.g. during the backwashing of another treatment line (3 line operation of the condensate treatment): max. 539 kg/s
  • Operating temperature: max. 66°C
  • Undissolved iron content in the raw condensate: max. 30 μg/kg
  • in the treated condensate approx. 48 h after backwashing: ≤ 0,6 μg/kg
  • No film-forming substances, conditioning agents and no blocking substances in the raw water.

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