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Nuclear technology, engineering and calculation

Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant – Ageing management for passive components

Standard KTA 1403 on ageing management in nuclear power plants, which was developed based on proposed standard KTA2301, had to be applied and implemented in power reactors in operation in Germany. Kraftanlagen Heidelberg planned the implementation of KTA 1403 for passive components (containers) for the Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant.

On the basis of many references and research reports on relevant life cycle limiting factors, those analysed were relevant to the respective component to be examined.

In multiple steps, each component was recorded with regard to the available documentation and categorised in electronic fact sheets in accordance with KTA 1403. Each fact sheet took geometrical data, design and operational parameters, materials and already installed, recurring tests into account, determined life cycle limiting factors and assigned to relevant testing locations.

These test locations were included and documented in the annual main revision in accordance with the test instructions designed by Kraftanlagen Heidelberg.

The fact sheets, including the testing documentation as well as a comprehensive knowledge basis were then included in a container database using MSAccess. This not only allows the required ageing management information to be made available, but the information can also be compared between containers with similar properties through targeted search and filter options.

Fact sheet

Kernkraftwerk Grafenrheinfeld

Project details:

  • Ageing management concept
  • Creation of a testing manual
  • Accompanying a hydro power project
  • Creation of a health report
  • Coordination with the customer 

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