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Gösgen nuclear power plant – steam extraction for Cartaseta paper production

The Gösgen nuclear power plant (KKG) is blowing off a lot of steam toward the Cartaseta factory in Däniken. Hot steam, to be precise. Cartaseta needs it for the production of paper. Kraftanlagen Heidelberg designed the steam extraction and transportation systems, built them in a turn-key manner and commissioned them.

The order included connecting the Cartaseta paper factory to the auxiliary steam system of the Gösgen nuclear power plant (KKG) as well as the modification of the existing connection to the Mondi cardboard factory. The cooperation included all phases of the project: from engineering to commissioning including trial operation and documentation.

Cartaseta's new evaporator system supplies a secondary steam amount of 10 t/h at a pressure of 15 bar at the transfer point. The output of the Mondi plant was increased from 60 t/h and 10 bar of pressure to 73 t/h and 12 bar of pressure at the transfer point, which resulted in comprehensive mechanical technology related modifications and expansions of the EI&C technology. At the same time, the electric controls of the Cartaseta plant, its regulation and measuring as well as the mimic diagram had to be newly built.

Our work included the complete installation and piping of a new high pressure feed water preheater for the Mondi auxiliary steam system as well as the installation and piping of a new evaporator, a super heater and a preheater for the Cartaseta auxiliary steam system. To ensure its supply, KA Heidelberg installed steam and condensate lines in the KKG machine hall, as well as in the energy channel to the power plant border.

The authorities demanded that the inadvertent dispersion of radioactive substances was safeguarded at a low J131 activity.
For this purpose, a triple-redundant J-131 measuring system for the continuous monitoring of steam condensate was developed, built and integrated into the overall system.

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Kernkraftwerk Gösgen-Däniken AG

Technical data:

Machine hall

  • Cartaseta super heater
    Output: 60 kW, primary 38 bar/245 °C, secondary 18 bar/215 °C
  • Cartaseta evaporator
    Output: 5,440 kW, primary 42 bar/255 °C, secondary 22 bar, 255 °C

  • Cartaseta condensate preheater
    Output: 1,102 kW, primary 38 bar/240 °C, secondary 19 bar, 197 °C

  • Aarepapier (previously Mondi) condensate preheater
    Output: 8,441 kW, primary 46 bar/235 °C, secondary 26 bar, 200 °C

Energy channel
Auxiliary steam line DN 150, PN 25, iso 100 mm, 470 running metres seamless steel pipe
Secondary steam amount 10 t/h at a pressure of 13 bar

Condensate line DN 50, PN 25, iso 80 mm, 470 running metres seamless steel pipe
Maximum condensate amount 15 m³/h at a pressure of 18 bar

Open line
Auxiliary steam and condensate recirculation line dimensions DN 150 and DN 125
Length 2 x 670 running metres beginning at the power plant border to the consumer (Cartaseta paper factory).

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