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Fire protection, fire fighting systems

Fire fighting systems for mail centre 50 Cologne West and mail centre 46 Duisburg

Deutsche Post AG maintains approx. 100 mail centres throughout Germany that were built until the mid-1990s. Due to a steady increase in processed mail as well as changes and expansions to the mechanical technology, a completely new evaluation of the buildings with regard to fore protection and prevention became necessary. On the basis of this new evaluation, the installation of sprinkler systems that cover the entire area had been demanded for the Cologne-West and Duisburg mail centres.

The sprinkler systems were installed during ongoing operation. As a result, there were special requirements during installation regarding occupational safety and the protection of the sensitive conveyor and mechanical technology. Furthermore, a complete sprinkler supply must be created that, in addition to the plant technology related components, also includes the turn-key erection of a technological building. Due to the installation of the sprinkler systems, other technical systems, such as the fire and smoke warning systems must be adapted and expanded. Kraftanlagen Hamburg serves as a general contractor for all technological and construction services.

The execution of the project is conducted in accordance with the guideline VdSCEA4001. The VdS technical testing centre Cologne carries out the acceptance test.

Fact sheet

Deutsche Post AG

Plant parameters:

  • Plant engineering: The sprinkler water supply at each location consists of:
    Two diesel pump units with 130 kW, a compressed-air water tank that holds 30m³ and a locally welded storage tank that holds 370 m³.
    Sprinkler pipe network: 3,000 sprinkler heads in the Cologne-West mail centre and 1,800 sprinkler heads in the Duisburg mail centre.
  • Construction: Erection of a technological building in massive construction with an area of 220m² and a height of 9.20 m including civil engineering work, foundation and development.
  • Additional tasks: Adaptation and expansion of the fire warning system, adaptation of the smoke warning system including controls and sanitary technology-related work.

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