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Fire protection, fire fighting systems

Fire fighting system in listed building, Zöllner Straße in Celle

The conversion of a listed building in the main shopping street of Celle required the installation of a stationary fire fighting system. During engineering and installation of the fire fighting system, it was important to take the preservation order requirements into account as well as the tight space of the distinguished 18th century half-timbered building. The objective of a fire fighting system is to provide fire fighters with secure access to the building in case of a fire. The fire fighting system also prevents the fire from jumping from the old building to the new building and creates a safe emergency route from the residential units in the old building. Due to the space-saving set-up area of the extinguishing water supply, the low energy consumption and the small pipeline dimensions , a ULF fire fighting system edged out a conventional sprinkler system in the selection of the system.

Fire fighting system: ULF "Ultra-Low-Flow" fire fighting system. The fire fighting system works on a water spray basis with a drop spectrum smaller than 1mm. The tiny droplets achieve good heat dissipation and an inerting effect in case of fire.

Design standard: FM data sheet 5560, CEA4001

Fact sheet

Karin and Hans-Jürgen Grabias, Celle

Period of execution:

  • Order placed: 05/2015
  • Commissioning: 07/2015
  • Handover to the customer: 07/2015

Plant parameters:

  • Extinguishing water supply: 6.0 m³
  • Extinguishing water rate: 200 l/min
  • System pressure: 16 bar
  • Electrical power consumption: 7.5 kW

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