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Energy and power plant technology, biomass heating power plants

Ernsthofen and Ennsdorf biomass heating power plant (Austria)

For the two identical biomass heating power plants, Kraftanlagen München, as general contractor, was responsible for the engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning as well as trial operation.

The main process chain of both power plants essentially consists of the acceptance and storage of the wood to be used as fuel, the transportation of that fuel as well as the firing, steam generation, dust extraction, district heating extraction and the energy system. The ancillary systems, consisting of water treatment, auxiliary cooling water system, EI&C systems, heating, air conditioning ventilation and sanitary systems as well as fire protection systems ensure the safe operation of the plant.

In addition to the use of the environmentally friendly CO2-neutral fuel and the efficient firing technology, an electronic filter system with upstream multi-cyclone ensures that the emissions values set by the Austrian clean air standards for boiler plants are adhered to. The treated flue gases are sent to a 40-metre-tall chimney via induced draught. A flue gas silencer ensures that the permissible sound power level of 85 db(A) at the opening of the chimney is not exceeded. The waste materials from the electronic filter's cyclone are kept separate and then collected in one container each, then disposed of professionally.

Only untreated fuels such as forest residues, wood chips as well as uncontaminated leftover wood from sawmills are used. Untreated leftover wood from landscaping is also used as fuel. The environment is also protected through the use of regrowing fuels because the incineration of the biomass only releases as much CO2 as had been taken out of the atmosphere during the growth of the "fuel". In this way, compared to type EL heating oil, more than 16 million litres are saved, which equals approx. 25,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. High fuel efficiency is guaranteed as a result of the decentralised energy supply in connection with the combined heat and power generation. The use of local fuels further helps the environment and also creates jobs in the region.

Fact sheet


  • Ernsthofen location: BioMa Energie AG, Salzburg
  • Ennsdorf location: SBH Biomasse-Heizkraftwerk GmbH, Purkersdorf

Period of execution:
2005 – 2006

Plant parameters:

  • Thermal furnace performance: 23.7 MW each
  • Electrical power performance: 5 MW each
  • District heating performance: 10 MW each
  • Fuel: untreated biomass (wood chips)

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