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Energy and power plant technology, gas and steam turbine power plants

Erfurt Ost Combined-Cycle Power Plant, Heat Recovery Steam Generator 3

As general contractor, Kraftanlagen München was responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the new Line 3 heat recovery steam generator for power and heat generation in the Erfurt-Ost combined-cycle power plant as well as the complete integration into the existing plant.

The erection and integration took place during non-stop operation of the existing plant.

The new Line 3 is used for expanding the two existing combined-cycle Lines 1 and 2 that have been in operation since 1999 and for which Kraftanlagen was responsible for erecting the steam turbine and complete water-steam cycle. The power generated by the public utility can be increased from 450 to 600 GWh per year with the new plant.

Thermal storage
In February 2013 KAM also received the order for the erection and complete integration of a pressure-less thermal storage system with all necessary services (such as foundation, pipe bridge to existing plant, loading and unloading pumps), piping systems and the complete electrical, instrumentation and control technology (EI&C systems).

The storage system with a net volume of 7,400 m³ and a height of 22 m can store up to 250 MWh of district heating energy. Through the new construction of the storage system, the power generation can be decoupled from the requirement of the district heating customers. Lines 1 to 3 can generate power at any time without the necessary heat consumption being present in the grid. The thermal energy occurring when the power is generated can be stored in the thermal storage system and used at a later point in time.

Engineering: From a 3D model to the completed plant
The whole plant was engineered in a 3D system on the computer. This made it possible to proceed in great detail in all phases of the processing and to make virtual tours through the new plant with the customer. An optimum layout of all components could therefore be jointly achieved. Extremely short installation times were realised on this basis.

Fact sheet

SWE Energie GmbH, Erfurt

Period of execution:
2012 – 2013

Plant parameters:

  • Gas turbine: 32 MW/el
  • Heat recovery steam generator: 50 MW/th
  • Live steam extraction: (40 - 80 barg): 47- 41 t/h
  • District steam extraction (9 barg): 15 t/h
  • District heating extraction: max. 45 MW

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