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Nuclear technology, engineering and calculation

Drying system for Building 551: Central decontamination department (WAK)

The decommissioning of the Karlsruhe reprocessing plant has been in full swing since 1996 and Kraftanlagen Heidelberg has been involved from the start in this comprehensive shutdown, decommissioning and disposal project. Since then consortium under our overall technical project leadership has provided many engineering services.

As part of the WAK decommissioning project, a drying system for solid radioactive waste is being built in Building 551 on the premises of the Central Decontamination Department (HDB). The goal is an increase of drying capacities. Contamination of the accrued condensates and other waste water cannot be ruled out during the drying processes and therefore a system for the collection of waste water is needed.

The conditioning of the supply air and the disposal of exhaust air in the drying chambers, as well as the room exhaust air from the controlled area of the drum drying process, is done via a ventilation unit that is to be newly constructed.

Our engineering project for the ventilation of the controlled area and the collection station for active waste water included design, authority and detailed engineering, the creation of tender documents, the involvement in awarding the contracts and also the supervision of construction.

Fact sheet


Technical data:

  • 7 vacuum drying chambers
  • Total capacity: 28 drums with 200 l each
  • FEM calculations and fluid-structure-iteration




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