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Industrial plants, renovation and revision of industrial furnaces

Convection zones for coker furnaces of the BP refinery in Lingen

As part of the 2017 turnaround of the BP refinery in Lingen, Kraftanlagen München was awarded a general contractor assignment to renovate two coker furnaces. The corresponding convection zones were completely prefabricated at the KAM facility in Burghausen and prepared as modules that could be installed at the construction site.

The revisions of radiation and convection zones are one of the strengths of the Industrial Plants segment of the Kraftanlagen Group. Our comprehensive services as general contractor also include bracket construction, equipment installations and pipeline construction in exterior furnace areas.

With our extensive experience in shutdown work, we are a reliable partner of the chemical and petrochemical industry. At TAR 2017 in Lingen, KAM supplied everything from a single source: Engineering, procurement and execution of the dismantling and reassembly of two modular convection zones, coordination of demolition, cranes, painting, isolation, brickwork, steel construction and non-destructive materials examination.

The convection zones, which are installed in a flue gas duct, work like a large heat exchanger in which oven gases with a temperature of up to 980°C are used for the cracking process that is part of petroleum processing. Their inner workings include piggable heating coils, partially furnished with finned pipes, and are clad with heat-resistant light concrete.

More information can be found in our brochure "Convection zones from in-house prefabrication for coker furnaces of the BP refinery in Lingen".

Fact sheet

BP Europa SE, Lingen

Period of execution:
05/2016 – 06/2017

Project details:

  • Turnaround period: 18/04/2017 – 02/06/2017
  • Dismantling: 82 t
  • Module installation: 2 x 40 t
  • Pipes and brackets: 44 t
  • Personnel: 40 employees




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