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Fire protection, fire fighting systems

B + B tyre centre fire fighting system, Schwerin

B+B Reifencenter GmbH has turned former brewery buildings into a logistics centre.

For the use of a tyre storage facility, extensive construction and fire protection related measures are required, among them the retrofitting of an automatic sprinkler system.

The objective was to implement a suitable sprinkler protective concept to suppress an incipient fire in the tyre storage facility. Due to the tyre storage, there is an enormous fire load. The sprinkler system is designed in a way that a fire can only be suppressed via a ceiling protection covering an area of 108m². This can only work by using sprinkler heads with particularly high pressures and flow rates.

In addition to building requirements, the requirements of the German property insurer also must be taken into account. The VdS technical testing centre Hamburg carries out the acceptance tests.

American and German standards were used to carry out system design and execution:

  • VdSCEA4001: For the process design of the water supply consisting of
    2 diesel pump units with a pumping rate of
    10,000 l/min@87mWS each and an extinguishing water supply tank with an effective volume of 670m³.
  • FM data sheet 2-0: Automatic sprinkler installation
  • FM data sheet 8-3: "Rubber Tyre Storage“ sprinkler protective system:
    "Suppression Mode" warehouse sprinklers
    Maximum hall height: 12m
    Hydraulic design: 12 sprinklers K=360@5.2bar

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B + B Reifencenter, Schwerin

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