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Decentralised power generation, hot water and steam supply

Aurubis AG steam turbine, Hamburg

Aurubis is one of the world's largest producers of copper and Europe's largest recycling company. High-quality copper is produced from copper concentrate and recycling materials and then processed into starting materials.

As part of the optimisation of an energy supply concept, Kraftanlagen Hamburg was tasked with the installation of a steam turbine with an electrical power performance of 2,200 kW in November 2012.

Via an existing waste heat steam generator downstream of a furnace, hot steam with a pressure of 60 bar and a temperature of 315 °C is generated. Prior to the installation of the gas turbine, the steam pressure was adjusted to the pressure of the process steam network (20 bar) via a pressure-reducing station.

The backpressure steam turbine replaces the pressure-reducing station and makes the pressure reduction possible while simultaneously feeding electrical energy at a voltage level of 6.3 kV.

In addition to the procurement and installation of the steam turbine, the order included the integration into the existing steam networks as well as the procurement, installation and commissioning of I&C technology components.

The turbine building that was required for the installation of the steam turbine was built by Aurubis AG according to specifications provided by Kraftanlagen Hamburg.

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Aurubis AG, Hamburg

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