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Energy and power plant technology, gas and steam turbine power plants

Augsburg-Ost gas turbine heating power plant

Our services include the complete engineering and turn-key erection of the heating power plant incl. district heating storage.

Thanks to the new combined heat and power generation plant, the share of the public utility's own power production increased from 8 % to nearly 20 %. That increased the supply of Augsburg's power and heat customers. The new plant can generate district heating for 10,000 single-family homes and power for approx. 30,000 residential units.

The centrepieces of the plant are a gas turbine with downstream hot water heat recovery steam generator as well as a district heating storage facility with a volume of 8,000 m³.

In the summer, the heat demand of the district heating network of the city of Augsburg is lower than the heat supplied by the gas turbine. However, reducing the output of the gas turbine would result in a decline of the electrical efficiency. In order to prevent this, the thermal storage serves as a buffer for the excess heat – 320 MWh of warmth can be "parked" there. That amount of warmth corresponds to the amount that a single-family home consumes in 10 years.

Fact sheet

Stadtwerke Augsburg Energie GmbH

Period of execution:
2003 – 2004

Plant parameters:

  • Electrical power performance: 31 MW
  • Thermal power performance: 41 MW
  • Overall efficiency: more than 86%
  • Thermal storage: 8,000 m³

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