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Energy and power plant technology, biomass heating power plants

Augsburg biomass heating power plant

As general contractor, Kraftanlagen München was responsible for the engineering and turn-key erection of the Augsburg Ost biomass heating power plant.

It is located in close proximity to the gas turbine plant in Augsburg-Lechhausen that Kraftanlagen München handed over in 2004.

Annually, approx. 90,000 tonnes of fresh wood chips are burned in the Augsburg Ost biomass heating power plant, which equals the energy generated from about 21 million litres of heating oil. The power generated in the plant is sufficient to supply more than 20,000 households and the extracted district heating can supply 3,500 single family homes. The energy generation of the municipal utilities of Augsburg thereby reaches a share of 28%, which leads to an improvement in the secured supply of customers.

In accordance with the renewable energy law (EEG), only wood chips made from untreated wood are being used. Regional weak wood, which has no other material use, is primarily being used. The water content of the fuel is between 30 to 60%.

Annually, approx. 90,000 tonnes of fresh, untreated wood chips are being delivered via lorries. The interim storage takes place in a 12,000 m² outdoor storage facility. From there, the fuel is transported to two redundant sliding floor stores via wheel bearings. Hydraulic sliding elements and downstream drag chain conveyors transport the wood into the chute of the biomass boiler.

The biomass heating power plant operates according to the principle of combined heat and power generation. By producing power and heat alike, a fuel efficiency of 70% is reached. In addition, approx. 55,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are avoided annually since the incineration of the biomass only releases as much CO2 as had been used to grow the fuel.

Fact sheet

Stadtwerke Augsburg Energie GmbH

Period of execution:
2006 – 2008

Plant parameters:

  • Thermal furnace performance: 27.8 MW
  • Electrical power performance: 7.66 MW
  • District heating performance: 15 MW
  • Fuel: untreated biomass (wood chips)

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