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Alsol feasibility study (solar thermal pilot power plant in Algeria)

Alsol feasibility study (solar thermal pilot power plant in Algeria)

Feasibility study and design engineering for a hybridised solar tower power plant in northern Algeria. In a first step, Kraftanlagen München, together with the Solar Institute Jülich of the FH Aachen (SIJ), IATech Jülich and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), created a feasibility study. Since the conclusion of the study was positive, the second step involved working on detailed implementation plans, financing and a timetable. On the basis of an analysis of all relevant criteria, a plot of land in the northern Algerian town of Bourkika (Wilaya Tipasa) has been selected.

The heliostat field is supposed to measure 25.000 m², the heat storage capacity is planned for 20 MWh and the tower is planned to stand 60 m tall. The modular type of construction will facilitate the construction of future, commercial and larger power plant buildings at other locations.

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